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BAHN. Computer Modelling of Rail Transit.
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These pages are maintained by Aleks Zabreyko
Last updated on December 9 and December 20, 2001

  A note to our foreign readers. As these web pages grow in size, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain an up-to-date English translation. There are resources on the Internet that provide for automated translation of Russian web pages into English. Two examples are: www.translate.ru and Altavista's Babel Fish. Even though the quality of the translation is not always perfect, and the engine has trouble with text intermingled with html tags, generally the result is well understandable, and www.translate.ru even translates floating comments to pictures. Accordingly, to my regret, I have to limit the extent translation is made of this web resource. This page however will be continuously updated to reflect new material.

  This is the first Internet presentation dedicated to Russian tramway networks created in BAHN. BAHN software was developed by German tramway and software enthusiast Jan Bochmann between 1985 and 2001. BAHN has been designed to model tramway (aka streetcar, LRT, trolley) and railway systems. These pages also introduce BAHN network of Moscow Tramway and those of other cities of Russia and the former USSR.

  1. About BAHN

  BAHN is the only software which allows to create electronic models of railway transit networks: tramways/LRT, subway/metro, railroads, inclines, etc. BAHN simulates transit's operational aspects (tracks, rolling stock, timetables, signallinig systems, and certain surroundings) and does not include economic aspects (money, passenger and freight flows, revenues and expenses). The software's creator, Jan Bochmann, presents his software in detail and with illustrations (in German and in English, including terms of purchase (shareware), minimal technical requirements, installation, versions) in his Internet homepage.
  The software exists in German, English, French and Dutch, it is also possible to present menus in Polish and Check. | UPDATED: The Russian translation of the menus has been prepared now for the software version 3.75, which still exists in beta format (beta 8 is the current one) and is expected to be released in early 2002.

  • | UPDATED Russian language menus for BAHN 3.75 beta 8.
  • Introduction into BAHN Modelling. This page presents a brief algorhythm of building an own model. The full Russian text has not been translated because BAHN has extensive help facilities in English.
  • Questions and Answers: how to be efficient and effective in BAHN. You can present a question on BAHN modelling and problem solving to these pages' creator. You can e-mail your questions to moscowbahn@mail.ru.

      2. Moscow Tramway Network


  • Moscow Tramway Network - May 2000 The zip archive (129 Kb) includes the following files: MosTr005.nt3 - the network itself (which is predominantly in English), Soviet.UFG and Soviet.UZZ - these two files are required to provide most of the rolling stock, Moscow.UZG - user graphics, as well as BAHN.INI (BAHN settings) and MosTr005.txt - extensive commentary on the subject in English (a similar text in Russian is presented on these web pages and in other sections of the Moscow Tramway site). To allow proper operation of the BAHN network, all files should be extracted from the zip archive and should be placed into the same folder, with the exception of BAHN.INI, which should be placed in one folder with the BAHN software. © Aleks Zabreyko, 2000-2001. All rights reserved. Non-commercial use for personal enjoyment and development of own BAHN networks on the basis of this network is allowed.
  • Acknowledgements for support and information.
  • Symbols used in the network
  • Rolling Stock. User-built rolling stock. Other aspects of the network are covered in detail in the text file enclosed in the zip archive.
  • How it looks. Fragments of the Moscow Tramway Network as presented in BAHN.
  • Map of Tracks and Routes as of May 2000 (190 K), the first one ever developed from a BAHN layout. If you experience a problem loading it, you can alternatively view separately its left (110 K) and right (105 K) pieces.

      Any comments will be gladly accepted at moscowbahn@mail.ru.

      3. Other BAHN Networks of the Former USSR Cities
      In here we plan to present those BAHN networks of ex-Soviet cities that will be developed and sent in to us by the public. | UPDATED: As fas as I am aware, there are currently at least a dozen people in the territory of the former Soviet Union who are developing BAHN layouts, and therefore, it is only a matter of time before they appear on the web. Currently, I am aware of layouts being developed for Moscow trolleybuses (including Khimki and Podolsk), St. Petersburg (trams and trolleybuses), Kiev (historics trams), Minsk (trolleybuses and metro), Kharkov (trams), Yekaterinburg (trams), Yaroslavl (trams and trolleybuses), and Noginsk (trams). All of these will some time appear on this page. If you are aware of any other BAHN networks of ex-Soviet cities or have developed your own, please e-mail these to us so we can post them here: moscowbahn@mail.ru.


  • Vinnitsa, tramway, 2000 - network by Simeon Flit
  • Evpatoria, tramway, 1992 - network by Jan Bochmann; alternative web source
  • Kaliningrad (Koenigsberg), tramway, 1991 - network by Malte Kordes
  • Kaliningrad (Koenigsberg), tramway, 1998 - network by Malte Kordes
  • Krivoy Rog, rapid tramway, 1990 - network by Malte Kordes
  • | NEW: Minsk, trams, 2001 - an excellent, exquisitely made layout by Sergey Semchenkov, accompanied by MS Word description files in English and in Russian.
  • 24 cities of Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, tramway. Networks by Hans Peter Arnold on his homepage. Click Download - Bahn Simulation, then look for Netzdateien fur Bahn.

      4. Rolling Stock of the Former Soviet Transit in BAHN
      | NEW: At present, the following rolling stock that was or has been used in the territory of the Former Soviet Union has been made available in the distributed versions of BAHN (versions 3.70r3 and 3.75 Beta 7), including tramways, trolleybuses, metro wagons, railroad cars and locomotives:


  • tramways of the USSR, Russia and Ukraine - various modifications and liveries of LM-57, -68M, LVS-86, -97, RVZ-6, KTM-5, -8, -8M, -16, -19, -21, KTV-55-2, MTV-82a (KTV-57), LT-10;
  • Tatra trams - various modifications and liveries of T1, T2, T3, T3M (T6), T7;
  • Gotha trams - various modifications and liveries of ET-57, EB-57, T2-59, B2-59, T2-62, B2-62 and others;
  • trolleybuses of the USSR, Russia, and Czechoslovakia/Czechia - various modifications and liveries of ZiU-9/682, -10/683, Ikarus-SVARZ-283, Skoda-8tr, -14tr, -15tr (all trolleybuses only exist in version 3.75);
  • metro wagons by factories in Mytischi and Leningrad/St. Petersburg - types 81-572/81-573 (as in Warsaw), and, beginning with version 3.75, also types E, 81-714, 81-717 (liveries as in Prague and Budapest);
  • locomotives by factories in Voroshilovgrad/Lugansk and in Briansk - various modifications and liveries of VL-10, -11, SM-48, M-62, ST-44, DB-220, -232, -234, -242;
  • Skoda locomotives made in Czechoslovakia/Czechia - various modifications and liveries of CHS-2, -6, -7, -8, -200;
  • diesel multiple units by Ganz Mavag factory (Hungary) D-1;
  • railroad cars - sleeping and mail, from the railroads of the USSR, Russia, Ukraine*, Belarus*, Latvia*, Lithuania* (those marked by an asterisk * are present beginning in version 3.75).

    E-mail your rolling stock types to include in the next version of the software!

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