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Feb 01, 2001
English Version renovation project starts. Maps - updated, Events - New!

  This site is dedicated to the Moscow Tram - the favorite traditional form of transportation in Moscow.

  Americans used to call it "Streetcar" or "Trolley"; for new built systems the most popular name today is "Light Rail". We call it "Tramway" (in Russian pronunciation it sounds like "t-r-ah-m-v-ah-i"); we always use this traditional name for a surface electrical city light rail system - almost all (with rare exceptions) Russian tram systems have the same gauge (1524mm - the Russian standard for railway/subway/ tramway gauge), voltage (~600V), all have overhead wires and similar rolling stock. So, "Tramway" means all of it's appearing - lines, cars and trains, depots or car barns, history, songs, and stories about the subject matter.

  The history of our tram is parallel to development of Moscow as the greatest city of Russia and the largest transport center of the country in the 20th century.

  Our tram is not simply the means of transportation. It is also an everyday companion, a place to meet interesting people, a colorful decoration of old town streets and new districts prospects.

  Tram is the one of symbols of Moscow. It appeared for the first time in the city on April 6, 1899 on Nizhnaya Maslovka Street. After 100 years and 2 months of operation this line was shut down and completely taken over by bus on June 18, 1999. Unfortunately, Moscow City Government doesn't realize the leading role of trams in the contemporary mass transit world.

  You will be surprised, but tram is the most progressive way of city mass transit in the world. This can be illustrated by its rapid growth in the cities of Europe, Asia, and America during the last decade. So lets wish our Moscow Tram to develop and extend its lines all over the city!

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