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BAHN. Images of the Moscow Tramway.
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  This page presents an unusual view of the Moscow Tramway - the view through the lens of the BAHN software.

The only surviving tramway line in central Moscow ends with a loop near metro station "Chistye prudy" A small tramway jam: type T3 on route A, a new KTM-621 on route 39, and KTM-8M on route 3. Railway-station-like loop near metro station "Ulitsa Podbelskogo" Types T3 at routes 4 "left" and 4 "right". Another T3 approaches the terminus for route 7, while one other T3, in the rare red and white livery, has just left the terminus for Lesnaya ulitsa. KTM-8 on route 36 proceeds to Detski Sanatori #44.
Ulitsa 1905 goda: a service track and overlapping existed here until October 30, 2000. The new track configuration is shown above the then-existing tracks. This new configuration "operates" in parallel to the old one, but is not otherwise linked to the network. A two-car train and a single vehicle type T3 on route 23 on the ulitsa 1905 goda overpass. Two other cars enter service coming from the depot. The track from the future shows two vehicles on route 23 at the new loop (vehicles of type LM57 were used). Gateway between the tramway network and the railroad at terminus Ugreshskaya. All of Moscow's tramcars came via the warehouse of MosGorTrans, Moscow Municipal Transit Authority, located here. A lonely KTM-8M on route 20 stands at the terminus.
Moscow's Municipal Transit Museum is located at the depot Bauman. Several of the museum vehicles are presented in the BAHN layout. At the nearby prospekt Mira - ulitsa Borisa Galushkina line junction, a temporary detour is being built. RVZ-6, MTV-82a and Tatra T2 in the Museum. Type T3 leaves the depot to go on route 11. KTM-619 has been tested during the day on route 17 (without passengers) and now stands in the depot Bauman premises. Former depot Kirov, now Tramway Repair Shop. Service car MTV-82a #2309 and an on-ramp to mount tramcars on a platform trailer. Also two types KTM-8 on routes 43 and 45.
Moscow of the tramways at night. Three Railway Stations Square (Komsomolskaya Ploschad). A tramway still proceeds to Lesnaya ulitsa on route 7, while several of cars from routes 9 and 19 already head in the opposite direction, towards depot Bauman. Kalanchevka loop is visible to the left. Moscow of the tramway tracks. BAHN view 1:512

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